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  • By Caitlin Clase

The Dryad & Other Poetry

The Dryad

In a bloom of midmay light,

Bright boon of day long lain

Away, long hidden behind

A crumpled grey curtain

Of rain and fog and rain,

Of water in ceaseless refrain,

There stood a swift, still moment

Too fine to long maintain:

A girl for glance of eye-

Then pear tree once again.

With bright green beads of new

Born leaves along her train-

crowned in dewdrop diadem,

And bridal veil of rain.

Some slip of sunlight falling

Made lace of every leaf vein.

A girl for glance of eye,

Then pear tree once again.

Strung along a limb as lithe

And slender as silver chain,

Bloomed pearls of petals curled

And corked tightly to contain

A foam and rush of flowers

Splashed out like pale champagne.

Soon set at naught by shade,

She lost her brief domain.

Sprung up from things too swift,

too strong to long refrain-

A girl for glance of eye,

Then pear tree once again.

Late Winter Lullaby

To see the daylight lying low,

To see it lie its head to rest,

Watch its embered heartbeat slow-

Bright hearth’s fast fade from flame to ash.

For this I’ll watch the wind come blow

Black leaves along the alley, ash

From heart of a hearth lit long ago,

Ash and soot blown back from days

Of amber glow, song-laced, sipt overflow

Of stars of spring, the stars of things

About to burst and bloom and grow.

For this I’ll seek the soot black side paths,

The light lorn lanes and hedges-to know

The resting place of day. To see

The restless day toss to and fro

In dreaming, sigh and murmur low;

The daylight’s heartbeat set belowthe brim,

still beating gold ‘round brink and trim.


And oh! Most heartily am I glad

Of the fact that this bright

And bursting fruit to be had

In the days of little light

And bitter cold at winter’s start,

This orange, this star in winter,

Is surely the very heart

Of the summer, the flaming center.

Caitlin Clase is an aspiring writer who spends more time reading

than writing. She loves the sound of bells, the smell of vanilla, and

any color of a jewel toned hue. You can occasionally find her writing at


9 commenti

01 gen

For me, the poem Clementine alone has already become my own winter's "flaming center". Beautiful!

Mi piace
David Gosselin
David Gosselin
11 gen
Risposta a

Indeed, there's a genuine Frostian magic to it. It's all very impressive. We definitely look forward to what Caitlin will do next.

Mi piace

16 dic 2023

These three pieces are exceptional. "The Dryad" is wonderfully imaginative, conveying a sense of the sacredness and mystery in nature, something sadly lost in our times. Seeing a vision of the human figure in the tree conveys a sense of the ideal that the mind perceives in forms.

"Late Winter Lullaby" is at once wistful and hopeful. It captures very well the mix of seemingly conflicting emotions often felt upon inspiration.

"Clementine" reminds me of Robert Frost. It is much more direct and succinct than the other poems, yet in its simplicity makes a profound point about hope and survival.

I also very much appreciate the musicality of these poems, rhyme and rhythm that almost beg to be set to…

Mi piace
19 dic 2023
Risposta a

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a kind and thoughtful reply!


Mi piace

16 dic 2023

Firstly, congratulations to Caitlin Clase for being published by David Gosselin! All three poems are exquisite; my favorite is probably “Dryad.” Caitlin displays a real gift for musicality and sublime lyricism in these poems. I encourage her to continue writing, and I hope to see more of her work here in the future.

- Shannon

Mi piace
21 dic 2023
Risposta a

You’re very welcome, Caitlin!

- Shannon

Mi piace

15 dic 2023

Lovely stuff! More than anything it reminds me of Hopkins. It has all his innocence. An innocence I hope she manages to retain as she develops. (For once lost it's very difficult to get back again.)

With writers as obviously sensitive as this one is it's very difficult to give advice because the last thing one wants to do is mar what's already there. One is just grateful that it's there at all. And one hopes and prays that this one in particular retains her original freshness and exuberance. (Original, I mean, in both senses of the word.)

Mi piace
19 dic 2023
Risposta a

Thank you for the kind words!


Mi piace
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