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  • By C. David Hay



Oh, to catch the winds of flight,

And soar where eagles go,

To leave the woes of troubled souls

Behind me far below.

I'd listen to the song of birds

And sail in endless flight,

Then chase the sun through cloudy paths

And play with stars at night.

The boundless heavens for my home,

The breeze to lift me high,

To rise above my mortal bonds

And never have to die;

Knowing I had found the way

To trails where angels trod,

And when my wings could fly no more -

I'd take the hand of God!

Down a Country Lane

Give me a road away from the crowd, Away from the noise and the race And let me wander the quiet trail To a different time and place.

Where miles are measured in valleys, And birches point the way To somewhere we miss so dearly – We call it yesterday.

All cares are soon forgotten On the path of no intent; The beauty of the countryside Is surely heaven sent.

And when the journey’s over The memories shall remain Of daydream trips into the past Found down a country lane.

C. David Hay is a retired dentist living in Indiana and Florida. He received his BS and Doctor of Dental surgery Degrees from Indiana University. He is the author of five books of poetry which are dedicated to his wife, Joy. He has been widely published nationally and abroad and his poetry has been read on the British Broadcasting Channel. He was the first American published in the Nezavisimaya Gazeta in Russia. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry and is the recipient of the Ordo Honoris Award from Kappa Delta Rho.

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