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  • By Omar Ahmad Alkhulaki

Only if

Portrait of the artist at his Easel (1660) - Rembrandt

If I am your priest

Confess to me all,

If I am your lover

Trust in this fall,

If I am your guru

Then listen deeply,

If I am your friend

Accept me freely,

If I am your mirror

You must be patient,

If I am your master

You must be vacant.

But I’m just a door,

Much more lies ahead,

I swing back and forth -

This is where I end,

I am a window,

An invitation,

A story teller

At my own station.

The buses they come

Day in and day out,

But you like many

Want a promised route,

But I offer none,

Not even brochures,

I make one empty

For blissful grandeur.

So don’t linger here

By the window sill,

For I love you dear,

More than any will:

Take life’s bus alone,

No stories to postpone,

And when you return

With a light of your own,

I will seat you my lady

On your golden throne.

Omar is a Yemeni poet based in Bahrain. One can find more of his information here and on his Facebook and Instagram.

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