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  • By Paul Gallagher

Of Sense

Looking Down Yosemite Valley (1865)- Albert Bierstadt

‘Cross all the rise of history The greatest voices spoke to me, Warmed me like fire; I did not reply, But hearing I stood as in their thrall And knew their immortality – In awe I listened as my life went by.

From imagination’s clouds did fall Verse, that moved me more than all; Faithfully I told over it, and yet Although from youth I wished it mine Forever, like a shining ball – Time passes, and at last I did forget.

When music gave my soul a kind Of ecstasy, as if divine, I thought great singers lived on in my heart. I dreamt their music and was done. Their joy will live, but not in mine, Will sing in souls of men without my part.

A flower dearly wants the Sun To sweeten fruit it has begun, The sunset holds its evening star most fond. This had I to linger on When the sparkling stream did run Past my door into the woods beyond.

Paul Gallagher is a poet, translator and also an economics journalist. He has spent much of his life fighting for the revival of classical poetry and classical culture. More of his writings on culture can be found here.

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