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  • By Omar Ahmad Alkhulaki

My Soul is Dark

Moonrise - Frederic Edwin Church 1889 (Hudson River School)

My soul is ever so dark, Like the majestic night, In its center my heart, Shines atop milky white. And from an early start, It never had me—the light, Into curiosity, Or inspiring art, As her majestic night. For the uncertain mist, That shrouds a veil to part, Our view to be amidst, The perplexity of hearts, It only tickles me, Eternally to delight, In the layers of mystery, Of our mortal sight.

Uncertain by shadows

That contrast for me depth, Of demons that hold back, From disclosing what I've felt.

So stay afar my love, Mystique there in the dark, Unstring me carefully, To see the moon, my heart. For I need not see you clear, I don't want to hastily judge, Just stay afar, but near, Let your voice guide me much, Into a playful path, Of slow discovery, Alas! I warn your mast, To find the grey in me fast, Beware my extremity, In hating and in loving. And bear with the frantic, The gothic and romantic. I'll roam free, out of sight Travel lightly away, You may see me at night, Or in the shadow of day.

Omar is a Yemeni poet based in Bahrain. One can find more of his information here and on his Facebook and Instagram.

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