Chinese Mountain Man I: Dragon Mountain

March 4, 2019


Standing at the foot of Dragon Mountain,

A master and pupil ready themselves.


They prepare for their arduous

Climb up the snowy gilded peaks.


Tilting their heads, they see the fog

Winding around those ancient spires:


Like a slumbering dragon’s breath,

It envelops each silent peak.


“Legend has it many have tried

"And lost their lives,” said the pupil.


Squinting their eyes, both raised their gaze

And looked up the towering height.


The master turned to him and said:

“Have they crossed the gorges and steep defiles?


“Have they made the perilous trek,

"Up the peaks of the dragon's mount?”


“The people said only a fool

"Would dare such things,” replied the boy.


The sage looked up and silently gazed

Upon the distant snowy peaks.


"True knowledge will always be far

"For he who refuses to climb its summit."


The master spoke and then began

To make the long and winding trek.



This marks the first in the continuing Chinese Mountain Man series.



David is a translator, poet and linguist based in Montreal.

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