The Seashell

September 10, 2018


An errant shape appears upon the sand,
Borne from ultramarine depths to wash
Among the turquoise waves’ relentless crash
Upon another world, a sun-drenched land.


So small it is, yet so ornately planned:
A volute swirling to a spire, awash
With vibrant hues and iridescent flash.
What slimy mollusk’s home should be so grand?


The sea is deep and dark, and stretches wide;
Beneath its waves, it cloaks its treasures well.
I, small and land-bound, cannot breach its keep.


Yet this appears to me upon the tide,
An angel from that other world to tell
A small part of the wonders of the deep.



Adam Sedia (b. 1984) lives in his native Indiana, where he practices as a civil and appellate litigation attorney. His poems have appeared in print and online publications, and he has published two volumes of poetry: The Spring's Autumn (2013) and Inquietude (2016). He also composes music, which may be heard on his YouTube channel. He lives with his wife, Ivana, and their son.



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