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World Poetry Day Podcast

Robert Frost once said, "A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom." We could not agree more.

In this World Poetry Day podcast, New Lyre presents a wide-ranging discussion on the importance and purpose of poetry, as well as what a great poetic sea-change may mean for the world today. In discussing poetry’s power, Adam Sedia proffers the idea that, “In an age of chaos, confusion and turmoil, poetry offers us one of the few anchors—something unmovable—to which we can attach and have some grounding while the world swirls chaotically around us.”

As more and more institutions and once-established ideologies crumble before our eyes, poetry serves as a beacon of hope and a guide to the immutable, to perfection. Poetry reminds us that each creative human individual has the capacity to strive for and express an immortal quality in their own unique way. Poetry allows us to cultivate and refine this sense of the immortal or what Edgar Allan Poe once referred to as, “The desire of the moth for the star.”


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