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  • By Daniel Platt

To the Distant Beloved

Winslow Homer - Boys in a Dory (1873)

The motion of thy tender, fragile heart,

I hear it at the instant I awake,

And thy mischievous laughter makes me quake

In resonance, as some uncanny art

Conveys it to my ears. ‘Tis at the start

Of morning, when the sun’s intrepid beams

Invade my eyes, and chase away my dreams,

I hear the echo of thy thoughts that dart

Across such distances – and how it sings

Within my mind long after thou art gone!

In sadness I rebuke the sullen dawn

That awakens me to apprehend these things,

For in our dreams alone may we embrace,

And finally know each other face to face.

Daniel Platt is a translator, poet and musician who resides in Los Angeles. More of his translations and original poems can be found here.


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