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  • By Dan Jabe

The Architect's Dream

Thomas Cole - Architect’s Dream

(After the painting by T. Cole)

I dreamed I lay on drawing books,

Atop a column, perching high,

To gaze upon the world below

And saw arrayed before my eye

The works of ancient architects

Whose bold inventions scaled the sky.

There stood Egyptian pyramids,

And there was Rome’s eternal dome,

And here ran Greece’s colonnades,

Here Gothic steeples pointed home;

Such wonders for the sight’s delight,

What playground for the eye to roam.

I stayed until the evening came

To shroud my dream in lilac haze.

Not wanting to return to Earth,

I drew it in, I held my gaze

Then, parting ways, when I awoke,

I daydreamed dreams of bolder days. Published in A Rustling and Waking Within Anthology (Ohio Poetry Association Press 2016)

Dan Jabe is a litigation attorney in Ohio.  He writes formal poetry, some of it with classical overtones.  His poems have been published in several journals, including First Things, Modern Age, and The Road Not Taken: The Journal of Formal Poetry. 

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Cindy Erlandson
Cindy Erlandson
22 de out. de 2020

I really like the slant rhyme pyramids/colonnades. I love the imagery of the whole poem. I've just been reading Milton's "Paradise Regained", and your scene reminded me of Satan showing Christ all the kingdoms of the earth.

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