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  • By Brian Yapko

Sailor's Song & Sonnet to my Love

A Sailor's Song

I’m going to sail the ocean

I’m going to sail the sea

I’m going to find my one true love

And bring her home to me.

I’ll risk the howling tempest

I’ll fight the stormy wave

The stinging pain of loneliness

My true love for to save.

I’m sailing to St. Andrews

I hope to find her there

Devoted, waiting by the shore

With heather in her hair.

Her skin as white as daisies

Her lips like apple wine

Her voice like breezes from the moor

Sung cool and clear and fine.

I’ll kiss her in the moonlight

Upon the coast of Wales

And she will press her lips to mine

Like wind upon the sails.

I’ll tell her that I love her

And hope she loves me true

And if she does I’ll sail no more

Upon the ocean blue.

Sonnet To My Love

If you don’t wish to placate me then go,

For I am of no mood to compromise.

I know but black and white – the dove, the crow

Fly over me relentlessly. Your lies

Impale me like a spider on a board.

Your sighs bore through me like unsweetened gin.

Your limbs surround me like a knotted cord

Of rope. You hurt me with your chasmic grin.

But O, I can remember better times

So star-like shone your soul illuminate,

So golden, so naive of crimson crimes.

Your promised that you’d always be my mate.

Was that so long ago or but a day?

I cannot tell. All shades of black and white fade into grey.

Brian Yapko practices law but would rather be a poet. Although he has produced a distressing amount of legal writing, in mitigation Brian has also written a large body of poetry (one recently published), two children's plays (both published), several short stories and is presently hard at work on his first science fiction novel. Brian lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his husband Jerry and their canine child, Bianca.


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