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  • By Robin Helweg-Larsen

"Prose and Poetry" and Other Poems by Robin Helweg-Larsen

Prose and Poetry

I long for Prose - but darkly, distantly, She looks at far-off lands. It’s Poetry who brings persistently Small gifts in small white hands.

Lighten Up OnLine, December 2017

My Eliza

As through Canada I wandered, Winters cold and summers cool, Companionship precipitated Out a girl wild, beautiful. Come, she said, share games and reading, Come and play and let’s share beds; Let’s move south for warmth and business, Raise our children, use our heads. Eliza with the hair like lightning, Hair like ragged moonlit clouds, Like a cloud of wild mosquitoes, Junkanoo’s drunk noisy crowds.         Sexy, vital, dogged, honest, Game designer, engineer, Eliza: genius aphantasic, A no-see-um who sees clear. Now like two strays by the roadside, Like two potcakes on the beach, She and I will scrap and forage, Take the treasures in our reach, Clean up beaches, plant some flowers, Read all books and plan things grand, Roam through cities and through seascapes, Drift like otters hand in hand. The Lyric, (Fall/Winter) 2018 Winner of the Leslie Mellichamp Prize

Robin Helweg-Larsen is British-born but Bahamian-raised. He edits Sampson Low’s “Potcake Chapbooks – Form in Formless Times” series from his home in Governor’s Harbour on Eleuthera, and blogs at


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