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Podcast: Schiller's Ghost Seer, Intelligence Methods and a Global Citizenry

In this dynamic interview, New Lyre's David Gosselin and Rising Tide Foundation President Cynthia Chung discuss the deeper implications of Friedrich Schiller's strategic insight into shaping a culture of universal citizens capable of seeing through the lies and shadows of evil that have always pervaded human civilization.

This exercise is done by exploring an important and often-overlooked work composed by Schiller in 1787 entitled the Ghost Seer. Of all Schiller's vast works of poetry, drama, lectures, and prose, this particular piece stands out as his only known short story which explores the life of a young German nobleman on vacation in Venice (the center of world empire for hundreds of years), who finds himself the target of an intricate operation designed to deconstruct his identity through a vast conspiracy and arts of illusion, psychological profiling, intelligence gathering, and deceit.

Anyone wishing to truly step into the deeper causal processes shaping world history would do well to listen to this discussion and then read the original story.

Cynthia Chung's lecture and two part study of the Ghost Seer published on the Rising Tide Foundation can be found here:

Schiller's original Ghost Seer can be found here:


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