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  • By Janice Canerdy

Now, Smile and Wave & Other Poetry

With precious children you’ve been blessed.

You’ve guided them with loving care.

While helping them become their best,

your standards have been high, but fair.

You’ve breathed their names in every prayer.

Your eighteen-year-old, college-bound,

is packed; a distant dorm room waits.

She says she’s ready, but you’ve found

you’re NOT. Emotion permeates

your being; your resolve, abates.

Now like a fledgling on the wing,

she’ll take her flight and find her way.

Embrace once more. Release; don’t cling!

Your love and pride in her convey.

Then—you must let her walk away!

I Love this Life

I love this life in spite of all

the trying times and every wall

I must tear down to find success,

although sometimes my happiness

is thwarted, slowing to a crawl.

When lofty expectations fall back to the earth, when I feel small and uninspired, still I express

I love this life.

When joy is overwhelmed by pall,

I'm always able to recall

good times; then peace dispels duress.

When I'm assured the Lord will bless

with sweetness stronger than the gall,

I love this life.

Nature Mild and Fierce

The seasons come with unique majesty,

fulfill their roles in Nature’s pageantry,

with scenes we love—but some we loathe to see.

Fair Nature brings cold winds and pure white snow,

red birds and berries, joy in fireside glow,

athletes on ice skates putting on a show;

green leaves and grass, blue skies and longer days,

birds building nests, sweet-smelling bloom, gold rays;

new life to earth, and romantic displays;

hot weather fit for flipflops, shorts, bare feat,

cookouts, dips in the pool to doge the heat,

much prayed-for showers, lemonade so sweet;

cool weather, pumpkins, leaves of red and gold

descending as the threes give up their hold,

then frost as we prepare for winter’s cold.

Janice Canerdy is a retired English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi.


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