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  • By Socrates Thalassos

Naked Pagan

A naked pagan

dancing with the sky,

I am alien in your world.

Your houses, factories, TV sets,

It is difficult for me to understand

how can you live this way?

But you do.

I need trees, grass, sky,

Rushing rivers and willing consorts,

fresh strawberries picked from the ground.

You tell me of vaccines, hospitals,

guaranteed food supply,

heat in the winter.

Yes, these are good things

when enjoyed properly,

but why give up

the joy of feeling

the sun on your heart

the waves on your flesh


the companionship of spirit?

Why do you seem to lack

joy, contentment, fulfillment,

serenity, and


You sell yourself to the highest bidder and

live in fear of not selling yourself.

Why can you not find a way to have it all?

If this technology is so wonderful

why are so many unhappy

sick at heart,

filled with all manner of diseased emotions and

homeless in the streets.

I don’t understand.

The gifts I offer

you think worthless.

I offer the sand, the sea

the earth, the sky,


and deep feelings.

What you want from me is to be a robot.

For that I may earn enough to buy food and pay rent,

since you have set a price on every inch of the earth.

By what right do you control this land?

I don’t understand

but, after all

I am only

A naked pagan.

Socrates Thalassos wears many hats both literally and figuratively. He is a seeker of personal and spiritual growth, wisdom and compassion. He is a songwriter, musician, poet, teacher, political and social thinker, and a host of other things. He loves nature and is never happier than when he is on grass, a mountain or a beach merging in meditation and green trees with all-that-is. More of his writings and poetry can be found at on his website.

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Jul 30, 2021


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