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  • By John H. B. Martin


As soft as snowdrops snowflakes settle;

more soft than petals, gently fall…

Less shy than snowdrops snow drops all

its inhibitions… Cold as metal

not to the touch alone, but sight

as well, and every other sense

but one: that sense of wonder, flight

can wake in some, made more intense

by stars that turn to flowers, then, gently,

dissemble all that circles round

less tremblingly, till, indistinctly,

another Eden touches down.

John H.B. Martin is a poet who lives in London, England. He is a graduate of London University and Australia National University and has been writing for many decades. He has written four novels and is working on a fifth. His magnum opus is a six-volume epic poem. Most of his work is yet to be published.



John, this is so delicate, visual and such a beautiful poem.



A wonderful seasonal poem, John. I hope we get a good fall of snow now to go with it, and that it lands as gently and as memorably within my brain as your words did - and do.

I think the wordplay in the third line is very striking, and I like the way that particular line runs on in order to create the rhyme between 'fall' and 'all'.

I also like the whole idea of our world being made anew by the snow's journey to us from some other place, and that sense of wonder its flight provokes in us - along with that killer last line that totally ties everything up, including the title: 'another Eden touches down.'…

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