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  • By Gerald Therrien

The Sleep of Reason

If you should fall asleep, once more,

And heed that soothing, calm refrain –

From evening’s care, close fast the door –

To quiet the distant, blowing rain :

Except those drops on earth that land

And tap upon its leafy coat

To drown out all the noise at hand -

A steady, never-changing note :

As morning church bells timely beat

For dawn, that had been led astray

By bold and cold night’s legioned feet,

To look in hope for coming day

And wonder : what has been forgot ?

For is that rain outside the door,

Or slow, sad tears that fears have wrought,

If you should fall asleep once more ?

If you should waken, once again,

To glimpse one, rosy ray of dawn

That tip-toes past dim window panes

And finds a blink to dance upon ;

That springs unseen from starry nest,

Past countless paths along the trek,

And wings intently t’ward its quest

Where it alights that destined speck :

As ancient westward winds blow o’er

The migrant cranes in autumn flight,

While children stand on ocean’s shore

To watch them sail beyond all sight

And wonder : what can yonder lie ?

For is that sight, by light regained,

Or shone from inward-looking eye,

If you should waken once again ?

Gerald Therrien is a researcher and historian based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Rising Tide Foundation. His writings have been published in the Canadian Patriot Review, including his four volumes of The Unveiling of Canadian History.

1 Comment

Apr 27, 2021

This is very nice. The ambiguity between the inward seeing soul and that which is seen, what feels and what is felt, is just balanced enough as to be enticing without being obscure. The versification is very graceful and musical and compliments the mood perfectly. Congratulations.

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