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  • By David B. Gosselin

Fairer Dreams

I’ve dreamt dreams fairer than my father’s dreams—

I’ve dreamt dreams fairer than my mother’s dreams—

Dreams dreamt by strangers stranger than ourselves—

Dreams dreamt by travelers older than ourselves—

Dreams dreamt by sages wiser than ourselves—

Dreams deeper than the sailor’s sunken dreams—

Dreams rarer than the ocean’s pearly dreams—

Dreams sadder than young Hamlet’s final dreams—

Dreams purer than the saintliest of dreams—

Dreams richer than the wealthy miser’s dreams—

Dreams stranger still than Orpheus’ dreams—

Dreams fairer still than Aphrodite’s dreams—

Dreams sadder still than Dido’s shattered dreams—

Dreams still more blinding than Apollo’s dreams—

Dreams still more innocent than Daphne’s dreams—

Dreams only the frailest of mortals dreams.

David Gosselin is a poet, translator, and linguist based in Montreal. He is the founder of The Chained Muse and New Lyre. His first collection of poems is entitled Modern Dreams.

The featured image is courtesy of Vian


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