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Escaping the Brave New World: Defeating the Culture of Zeus

This week, the New Lyre Podcast’s David Gosselin sat down with RTF’s Matthew Ehret in order to discuss the important matter of art, science and politics. It is taken as self-evident that humanity transmits its ideas, discoveries and passions across countless generations via the power of culture. But what is this thing called “culture” and how do imperial systems of self-organization require cultural dynamics which enhance those attributes of the human condition which render us ever more inclined to be manipulated by a master class VS the deeper and more natural forms of culture which enhance the sovereign characteristics of each sovereign citizen of a society for the benefit of both the individuals as well as the collective?

Characters like Aeschylus, Plato, and Ben Franklin are explored as representatives of the humanist cultural matrix whose creative works in science, art and statecraft were inextricably linked to their historic identities and Promethean defiance of systems of empire.

On the flip side of the cultural coin, the dynamics and psychology of “zeusian” culture are explored with a focus upon Aldous Huxley, Lord Bertrand Russell and the insidious Canadian social engineer Maurice Lamontagne.


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