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  • By Adam Sedia


You meekly poke your purple heads

Through stubborn clumps of snow

That yet persist in fallow beds

Though balmy breezes blow;

First to hail the waxing sun,

First to scent the air,

First to paint the lifeless dun

With your vivid flair.

So unassuming, small, and frail,

Yet bold beyond compare,

Alone you blaze the new year’s trail

For blooms that not yet dare.

Vanguard of awaited spring,

Heralds of rebirth,

Prophets of the wakening

Of the lifeless earth.

Your advent tells the omens true:

Spring comes! The hopeful soul

Exults to see it now renew

The world that winter stole.

Adam Sedia (b. 1984) lives in his native Northwest Indiana, with his wife, Ivana, and their two children, and practices law as a civil and appellate litigator. In addition to the Society’s publications, his poems and prose works have appeared in The Chained Muse Review, Indiana Voice Journal, and other literary journals. He is also a composer, and his musical works may be heard on his YouTube channel.

2 comentários

Membro desconhecido
28 de abr. de 2023

Attractively succinct in its couplets and iambic tetrameter.


05 de mai. de 2022

Mr. Sedia --

I speak directly for the sake of brevity and clarity, not with intent to be abrasive.

I am grateful voices like yours exist as scholars, advocates and pursuers of literary achievement that brings technical excellence and enduring thought to a taxonomy of noble purpose in form, meter, and rhyme.

Though I confine this discussion to "Crocuses," I hope it suggests to you the dire need we face as fellow advocates and practitioners to far more clearly foster and fulfill our intent.

In short, we need to become, by succeeding, our own weapon of mass indoctrination.

Exalting the exemplary snow-defying heroism of crocus as the earliest floral harbinger of Spring and embodiment of the human spirit is a…

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