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  • By David B. Gosselin

An Andalusian Dream

Over the sultry seas and snowy peaks,

A rich and glowing sun appears,

Creeping from out the craggy recesses

And pouring through the valley glades.

The pomegranate groves are bathed in light

While they prepare their rubies sweet.

Meanwhile, the shining sun rains down its beams

On gentle streams and placid pools.

As creatures frolic on the verdant fields,

Larks warble in the rustling trees;

And cataracts descend from high above,

Careening into the lush ravines.

As I lie gazing deep within the shade

Of a young pomegranate tree,

Each sight reminds me of my sweetest dreams—

Dreams from which I must soon awake.

David Gosselin is a poet, translator, and linguist based in Montreal. He is the founder of The Chained Muse poetry website and the founder of the New Lyre Podcast. His first collection of poems is entitled Modern Dreams.


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