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  • By Daniel Platt

Mar de Hoces

Stupendous jade-hued volumes of the sea

That palpitate and crest on such a scale

To make the sailor's resolution quail

And falter; this typhoon is home to me.

The fluctuating surface, and the free

Commotion of the winds, may they avail

The albatross' wings with which I sail

Above the watery tumult heedlessly.

So, shall we guess which destiny I bring,

What consequence my feathered limbs bestow?

If luck exists, do I bear good or ill?

Shall I embrace you with extended wing,

Or hang about your neck and offer woe?

The triple fates who might reply are still.

Daniel Platt is a translator, poet and musician who resides in Los Angeles. More of his translations and original poems can be found here.

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