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  • By Gleb Zavlanov

'Cause You'd Be Here

The butterfly, the sea anemone, And snowflake, though possessive of the true Design of grace and perfect symmetry, Seem crude and ugly when compared to you. The stars that line the deep, black sky like grains Of salt, the sun that ripens like a peach, The Northern Lights that brighten arctic plains With hopeful luminescence, although each Shines bright, there’s not a light as bright as yours To clear the shadows roosting in my breast, And help me see that though things may grow worse, They do so ‘cause it’s only for the best. And even if those lights just disappear The world won’t lose a thing ‘cause you’d be here.

Gleb Zavlanov is a poet and songwriter living in New York City. He is a 2017 graduate of Townsend Harris High School. His YouTube channel can be found here.

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