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  • By Paul Gallagher

Poems After Dickenson

Emily Dickenson

The one who is given Great gifts may thus fall; The thief attained to heaven In the last interval. Love makes all even, Truth, not time, has all.

When life’s come and gone, Our best is passed on, Then goes down the Sun, We shall no more. Souls rest in oblivion Unless called for.

As children we discover From the angels good and true, We shall live forever By the things we do. Like God, almighty though unseen, Our love shall be, when we have been.

Paul Gallagher is a poet, translator and also an economics journalist. He lives in Virginia with his wife. Paul has spent much of his life fighting for the revival of classical poetry and classical culture. See his other works on Keats and Shelley as well as more of his poetry here.

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