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  • By Beverly Stock

The Human Depot

River in the Catskills - Thomas Cole 1843

A Human Depot, A resting place Full of dignity, history and grace.

The monuments

Are carefully tended there,

Naming who rests where

Naming who cared.

Showing life's order placed in a row: One in a sole grave site Perhaps three deep in a row.

When was life started, when did it end? Were they a husband, wife or a friend?

Are there flowers, garlands and such? Is it a forgotten grave never tended too much?

Deep in the earth It matters little whether roses lay on top or branches of thistle.

The love each human carried, as they entered their grave, is a timeless banner Forever engraved.

It’s a simple example

Of what humans do best,

We lie upon our backs

And gently rest.

So, it's the last nap of life, But we're dressed-to-the-nines As though we might meet A special someone, anytime.

Beverly Stock is a retired business communications manager. She has published feature articles in newspapers and magazines in five different countries. Beverly lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a wife, mother and a Grandmother of two young boys, 6 and 12 years old. They call her Mimi.

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