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  • By David B. Gosselin

Darkened Mazes

Nocturne Landscape - Frederick Edwin Church

Dear friend of the shadows,

Share your hidden graces,

And softly sing

From the darkened mazes.

Dear friend of the shadows,

Share your magic graces,

And sing for me

From the darkened mazes.

Many lonely evenings

Were spent lost in a haze,

But no song rang

From meadows or verdant ways.

Maidens sang their sweet songs

In the deep valley-glade,

But my soul stole

Where both sun and moon fade.

At night I often hear

The sound of lonely fays,

Gently sighing,

From the darkened mazes.

Then I forget the world,

Like the sad nightingale

Who softly sings

From the darkened mazes.

The soul’s roaming ceases

Like a pilgrim gazing

On the pale moon

From the darkened mazes.

Like a nightingale’s voice

Under bright stars’ gazes,

As it takes flight

From the darkened mazes.

My soul forgets the world

As the moon’s clairvoyance

Casts its bright veil

On the day’s annoyance.

Then like the nightingale’s song,

With its magic graces,

Sweet music streams

From the darkened mazes.

David is a poet, writer, and translator based in Montreal. He is the founder of The Chained Muse and New Lyre. His collection of poems is entitled Modern Dreams.

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