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  • By Edward Hoke

Sonnet — by Edward Hoke

Primavera 1482 - Sandro Boticelli


Of all ye gods, that crown Olympus high, Who yet remains that man’s not brought to heel? When aircraft daily pierce great Zeus’s sky, And Neptune’s depths have long since been revealed.

Alas, the greenhouse did Demeter in, And eBay showed poor Hermes to the door; Now Hestia runs on gas, the forge an engine, And small blue pills cut Bacchus to his core.

O how divorce court made Queen Hera stamp, And Pallas, too, when Deep Blue claimed check-mate, The twins out-done by fact’ry farms and lamps; Even warring Mars now fights behind displays.

So fell the proud Olympians, save for one; Only Aphrodite leaves our scientists stunned.

Edward Hoke is a Junior at Northwestern University, studying Acting. He is originally from Princeton New Jersey.

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