• By David B. Gosselin

Behind the Sparkling Light in All Men's Eyes

Behind the sparkling light in all men's eyes,

Across the wide arcade of twinkling skies

Lie the long hidden dreams of those who died,

Who knew their tears had not been vainly cried.

Their story goes like many who have gone,

And yet nameless still rings their clarion:

Like the wind that carries the trumpet's call

Or the hand that saves us from Life's deep fall,

The smallest flicker must become our guide

Our only guide through life's uncertain tide,

Like glimpsing the light of a nameless star

Who leads us to ‘n fro places afar.

Such things as turn men's sights into a haze

May be those things which change our ways,

Like that shining light of a nameless star

Out in the corner of the skies afar,

Which causes us to wonder at the sky,

Where all the secrets of human hearts lie.

Our wits lie solely in these shapeless skies

Whose forms to the eye remain in disguise,

But light when caught in the corner of one’s eye

Across the arcades of the mind's peaks high,

That twinkling spec in the eyes of mortals

Reminds us all of that immortal;

Like that shining light of a nameless star,

Out in the corner of the skies afar.


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