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200 Years Later: Mapping Keats's Progress with Dr. Kim Blank

Professor Kim Blank, author of Mapping Keats's Progress, joins the New Lyre Podcast to discuss the astounding poetic development of John Keats and the lead-up to his 1819 miracle year. After an initial explanation of the Mapping Keats's Progress project, Professor Blank reacts to live recitations of Keats poems from various periods in his life. A discussion of how insights into Keats' creative progress might help inspire a new generation of 21st century timeless poetry ensues.

Listen to a specific recitation or commentary on a particular poem:

On First Looking into Chapman's Homer - 19:27

La Belle Dame Sans Merci - 40:22

Ode to a Nightingale - 01:10:10

Ode on a Grecian Urn - 01:26:19

To Autumn - 01:57:09

Visit Professor Kim Blank's Mapping Keats's Progress:

Read more about Keats's Great Odes with poet Daniel Leach's essay, "Keats' Great Odes and the Sublime":

1 Comment

Feb 25, 2021

I find the comment that Keats makes when comparing his writing to Byron very interesting. He says Byron writes what he sees while Keats writes what he imagines. This comparison gives me fascinating ideas to think about. When is the work descriptive and when is it imaginative?

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