June 25, 2018

We present a new installment of original Dante translations. To our knowledge, Dante’s lyric poems have never been presented in a way which allows English readers to experience the full scope of Dante’s unmatched poetic mastery - the mastery of the “Canzone” form. The...

April 7, 2018

Oh Love, who takes his power from on high,

As does the sun its splendor,

So do the rays of your perpetual fire

Shine more brightly where they find more nobility.

For as the sun makes frost and night fly,

As pure blue streams repel the envious fire,...

January 14, 2018

For part I please click here.

Many today would consider Dante Alighieri a 'Dead White European Male' of dubious relevancy. However he is in fact alive and well, as are so many contemporary examples of the souls which inhabit his Inferno. Considering the deluge of angst...

December 12, 2017

Since everything has already been taken,

And delight forsaken,

When I had never known such joy before,

Since Love could stand no more

To hear my weeping heart,

He’s therefore taken mercy on my soul.

And thus I’ll sing, now that love has fled again,

Against the sinful pain,


November 26, 2017

To the short day and great arc of shadow

I've come, alas and to the paling hills

When all the colors have vanished from the grass

Where yet, my longing loses not its green

As it becomes so barbed in stone,

Which speaks and hears as though it were a woman.

In such a fashion i...

November 25, 2017

Love, since it has been decreed that I must

Suffer, in order to be heard;

That I must show myself spent of virtue,

Then grant me the understanding and trust

That I may weep and say a word

In such a manner that my thoughts ring true.

You wished on me the death known only by f...

October 15, 2017

Dante wrote a series of Canzoni (songs) entitled the Rime Petrose, the 'Stone Rhymes' about the illusive Stone Lady. Here is the first installment of those Stone Rhymes.

Io son venuto al punto de la rota

I’ve come to conjunction of the wheel,

Where the horizon meets the s...

October 13, 2017

We are glad to announce a new project of fresh translations of Dante Alighieri's Canzoni (songs), the father of the Italian language and Italian Renaissance. They will now be regularly posted in installments on thechainedmuse.com.While there are many translations of Da...

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