December 7, 2019

Fall rain, fall upon this old world,

And wake deep inside me the dreams

That I dreamt when I was a child,

When rain would wet the golden sand.

When the sultry summer breezes

Frolicked through the evening coolness

And the morning’s dewy leaves thawed,

When the crops shone a da...

August 30, 2019

Alto Rhapsody, Op. 53

"Marie and I were sitting in the dining-room when the bell rang, and we heard Brahms go to our mother's room. Soon afterwards, deeply stirring and solemn music reached our ears. We listened. Brahms went away, and our mother came to us in a state of...

August 20, 2019

My sleep grows ever more gentle,

Only my sorrow, like a veil,

Trembles over me.

I hear you often in my dreams,

Standing at my door, calling me –

But no one answers, it seems.

I wake up and weep bitterly.


Death begins to rear his pale head;

You’ll kiss again when I'm long dead...

October 4, 2018

Ethereal, distant voices,

Heavenly greetings of larks,

How sweetly you move men's hearts

With your enchanting voices.

As my eyes begin opening,

Each memory takes its flight

About the gentle twilight

Wafted by the breath of spring.

Translation © David B. Gosselin



August 6, 2018

Peacefully, I rest in the tall green grass   
For a long time only gazing as I lie,
Caught in the endless hymn of crickets,
And encircled by a wonderful blue sky.  

And the lovely white clouds floating across       
The dep...

July 15, 2018

Death is the cooling night,
Life is the sultry day.
But now darkness settles
And I long for respite.

Outside my window there looms a tree;
In it sings the young Nightingale.
She sings only of Love—
Even in dreams, it reaches me.

Translation © David B. Gosselin



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